• Business Problem Solver Cameron Poetzscher

  • Posted on December 15, 2016
  • Currently, Cameron Poetzscher serves as the Head of Corporate Development for technological innovator Uber. He got there because he has developed an excellent reputation as an executive over the years and he also has a lot of demonstrated finance, operational and deal-making experience. Cameron Poetzscher’s problem-solving skills have made him an indispensable executive. He has the ability to approach even the most complex problems with an approach that is at once creative and analytical. The best part is, he seems to do his best work in the most challenging situations.

    Most impressive is Cameron Poetzscher’s ability to do his best work under circumstances that most others would consider intimidating. The bulk of Cameron Poetzscher's career has been focused in the technology, media and telecom areas, which may explain why he landed at Uber. However, he has worked with companies in a number of other sectors, like the financial, real estate and healthcare sectors. He has worked with a great many innovators all over the world.

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