• The Career of Cameron Poetzscher

  • Posted on June 16, 2016
  • Long before he became Uber’s Head of Corporate Development, Cameron Poetzscher made his mark in other ways during a long career as a global investment professional with Goldman Sachs, where, for 17 years, he provided investment guidance to many high-profile companies, including some in the Fortune 50.

    In addition to basic investment advice, he also participated in a number of complex high-profile mergers and acquisitions, as well as many other complex transactions. It should surprise no one that he was chosen by Uber to guide its corporate development. His career has been focused primarily on technology and his clients have included many industry leaders and innovators.
    Cameron Poetzscher also has considerable experience working with companies in other fields, and in every corner of the world. He also has a good education. Not only did he earn an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School, he also spent time on that school's Finance Faculty, where he conducted research and case-writing having to do with a number of complex financial areas.

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